EcoCosy® Story
EcoCosy® is a brand of Sateri, the largest viscose producer in the world. Its high quality viscose fibres are widely used in textiles and skin-friendly hygiene products. The superior performance of our fibre provides users with the most comfortable experience.
EcoCosy® fibres
are made from sustainably-managed and renewable plantations
Derived from 100% high-quality wood, from which high-quality cellulose fibres are extracted, our viscose has more functionality, safety and comfort that are enabled by the technologies we adopt. Its natural raw materials also means our viscose fibres are biodegradable.
International Certifications

EcoCosy® is made from certified sustainable wood pulp. Obtained certification from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) confirming all products are 100% biobased. Manufacturing practices meet the requirements of the highest level of Sustainable Textile & Leather Production (STeP) by OEKO-TEX® certification standards.The VC (virtual certification) technology and credible label system guarantee consumers’ rights and benefits.

EcoCosy International Certifications
EcoCosy® believes in the power of nature and beauty
Continue delivering natural, comfortable, healthy, safe, fashionable and colorful user experience to worldwide consumers
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