EcoCosy® Colour Viscose
EcoCosy® Colour Viscose
Color, Energy Saving and Excellent Spinnability
Color, Energy Saving and Excellent Spinnability

Through advanced pre-spun injection and blending technology, the premium pigment is evenly dispersed into the fibre. With spun-dyeing process, it makes the pigment penetrate into fibre structure. Compared with traditional dyeing method, the color of spun-dyeing fibre is more uniform, lasting and bright; besides, it has better fastness properties and can save more water & energy, leading to be more eco-friendly.

Under the same spinning situation, yarn made of EcoCosy® Colour fibre has more advantage in yarn strength and lower defects than competitors. Lower cuts and breaks will bring clear appearance and ensure better spinning and weaving quality.

Properties of EcoCosy® Colour Viscose
EcoCosy® Colour Viscose is characterized by high color depth, uniformity and good fastness.
  • Vibrant Color Depth & Uniformity
  • Excellent Color Fastness
  • Energy Saving and Eco-friendly
  • Excellent Spinnability
Saving energy and eco-friendly
The pre-spun dyeing technology is without the traditional post-dyeing process, which can save water and energy and is more eco-friendly.
Taking the medium depth color fabric for example, authority data shows that to make one ton of fabric can save 11,000kWh electricity, 100tonsof water and 150kilograms ofdye.
  • Saving electricity
  • Saving water
  • Saving dye
Product specification
1.238Super black yarn or melange yarns.Easy for spinning, high quality of colour and good colour fastness.