EcoCosy® Antibacterial® Fibre
The active antibacterial substance is evenly dispersed on the surface and inside of the fibre through the injection spinning technology, and has an inhibitory effect on microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. They also deliver antibacterial performance in a safe and effective way, improving the wearing experience.
“Effectively antibacterial and remarkable deodorization effect ”
“Effectively antibacterial and remarkable deodorization effect ”
Uniform dispersion of active antibacterial agents
keep fresh, longer lasting
Skin-friendly, soft and safe
Excellent spinnability and stable antibacterial performance when blended with different fibres
Properties of EcoCosy® Antibacterial® Fibre
EcoCosy® Antibacterial® Fibre has an excellent performance in spinnability, and it is blendable with other fibres. As the content of antibacterial fibre increases, the antibacterial performance of the fabric becomes more outstanding.
The fibre can reduce less body odour (e.g. sweat odour), and keep clothes clean and smell fresh for a longer time.
  • Excellent antibacterial performance
  • Excellent bacteriostatic effect was maintained even after 50 washes.
  • Excellent spinnability
  • Deodorant function
  • Skin-friendly and soft
  • safe
  • Effective antibacterial, longer lasting
    Due to the molecular structure of EcoCosy® Antibacterial Fibre, the fibre produced by pre-spinning injection technology enables the active antibacterial agents to be evenly dispersed on the surface and inside of the fibre, thus effectively inhibiting the growth of bacteria and be more durable. Excellent bacteriostatic effect was maintained even after 50 washes.
    Efficacy against Escherichia coli: 95%
    (standard value≥70%)
    Efficacy against Staphylococcus aureus: 97.8%
    (standard value≥80%)
    Efficacy against Candida albicans: 91.4%
    (standard value≥60%)
    * The above test results are based on FZ/T73023-2006 Antibacterial Knitwear (AAA) Standard.
  • EcoCosy® Antibacterial® Fibre - excellent antibacterial performance
    Generic fabrics
    EcoCosy® Antibacterial® fabric (before washing)
    EcoCosy® Antibacterial® fabric (after 50 times washing)
Product specification
1.238Home textiles; Underwear; Medical and health supplies; Healthcare products; Special protective clothing.Excellent antibacterial performance