Partner Program
Our Sateri Premium Fibre Programme and I Love Viscose (ILV) Studio support the brands promotion and provide quality professional services.
Fabric Partners
The Sateri BVY Programme is designed to help BVY partners develop and promote better quality, sustainable and traceable EcoCosy® BV yarns. It also helps fabric producers to better identify and select high-quality viscose yarns made from EcoCosy® BV fibres. We continue to value-add our partners’ businesses by providing stable fiber supply, technical support, traceability and engaging further downstream partners through joint promotion and meet downstream demands for sustainability and quality improvement.
  • 浙江三元纺织有限公司
  • 浙江希尔丁纺织科技有限公司
  • 广东兆天纺织有限公司
  • 深圳市尚臻纺织科技有限公司
  • 浙江嘉名染整有限公司
  • 杭州明晨纺织有限公司
  • 杭州新生印染有限公司
BVY Partners
Sateri cooperates with yarn partners, fabric weaving, printing and dyeing partners closely to develop the innovative EcoCosy® BV fabric according to market needs.
Together with our partners, we promote EcoCosy® series fabric through the value chain to end-user market, ensure the traceability and transparent of our products.
  • 苏州普路通纺织科技有限公司
  • 英特斯(苏州)新型纺织材料科技有限公司
  • 福建祥源纺织有限公司
  • 福建省长乐市第二棉纺织厂
  • 徐州华晟纺织有限公司
  • 山东正凯新材料股份有限公司
  • 吴江京奕特种纤维有限公司
  • 江苏宝达纺织有限公司
  • 绍兴程盛纺织有限公司
  • 苏州世祥生物纤维有限公司
  • 德州华源生态科技有限公司
  • 福建省长乐市锦源纺织有限公司
  • 福建省长乐市锦源纺织有限公司
  • 辉县市锦豫纺织品有限公司
  • 浙江华飞轻纺有限公司
  • 浙江东飞轻纺有限公司
  • 林茨(南京)粘胶丝线有限公司
  • 福建省闽侯华丰纺织有限公司
  • 山东新秀纺织科技有限公司
  • 福建省长乐市正隆纺织有限公司
  • 山东联润新材料科技有限公司
  • 高密市宏昌纺织有限公司
  • 福建长宁纺织有限公司
  • 福建省长乐市正鑫纺织有限公司
  • 嘉兴市天之华喷织有限公司
  • 福建隆源纺织有限公司
Label Application

The credible EcoCosy® Label system authorizes ready-made clothes to use this label, which are made from quality fabrics containing EcoCosy ® fibres that meet relative standards. These fabrics designed, whose viscose fibres are solely provided by Sateri containing no less than 30% of EcoCosy® BV Series Fibres, are the primary fabrics for ready-made garments.

Thishangtag system supports your supply chain system by providing product traceability and guarantee in quality and credibility.

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